About the author…

This is not a blog about the must-have bag or the hottest pump of the season.  There are plenty of those out there, and they’re all wonderful.  This is a blog about what fascinates me about the fashion industry.  I’m completely intrigued by the subtle details, the little-known facts, the incredible depth of history that this industry encompasses  —  not to mention the complexity, integrity, architecture and unbelievable beauty that can be created when cloth and concept merge.

Two decades and many titles — buyer, seller, retailer, pattern cutter, designer, consultant, college instructor — have given me a broad, seasoned perspective on this amazing industry.  I now have a small space of my own on Charles Street in the Beacon Hill area of Boston, Massachusetts.  It’s a store-in-store collaboration with an amazing jewelry designer, Tracey Chareas.

For more information about me and my space, please visit www.christopherforteboston.com

To visit Tracey’s store, The Ruby Door, please go to www.therubydoor.com

I hope you will enjoy reading and participating in my observations as much as I enjoy writing them.

— Christopher Forte


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